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  1. Chess 3d (42 times)
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Brick Breaker > Crazy Shuttle

Crazy Shuttle

Pick up students in your taxi and drop them off where they want to go.

(Played: 838)

Crazy Relax

Racing game with 3 unique car to choose from

(Played: 1 214)

Crazy Boxes

Click on the box to change the targetted box and its surrounding boxes

(Played: 1 029)

Crazy Ball Survival

Dodge the walls and platforms as long as you can.

(Played: 840)


Hey, warrior! Let’s free your friends!rnUse your flippin ability to complet...

(Played: 878)

The Crazy Graviton

The Crazy Graviton is a cool future molecular laboratory and gravity based en...

(Played: 1 386)

Crazy Battle

Shoot the enemies to score points.

(Played: 768)

Crazy Balls

Evil bouncing balls are trying to take over the world, you have to stop them.

(Played: 733)

Crazy Sam

Surfing the wave and avoiding obstacles. Another fun game by Sam

(Played: 843)

Crazy Peanuts

Flick the peanuts at the squirrels

(Played: 719)

Crazy Battle

Cute first person shooter with cartoon graphic

(Played: 941)

Crazy Coffer V.0,1

A Siman Say clone with nice graphic

(Played: 696)

Crazy Koala

Recover the lost birds by piloting the spray can

(Played: 767)

Cone Crazy

try to knock down all the cones in the limited time that you have

(Played: 866)

Crazy Castle

Purchase various type of weapons such as crossbows, pistols, UZIs, lasers, pl...

(Played: 788)

The Way of the Exploding Cow - Milk Crisis

Milk the cows, shoot the aliens trying to steal them. Simple game, gets crazy!

(Played: 734)


A tiny spider got into a shuttle and flew to Mars. He got there and came back...

(Played: 967)

Crazy demolition

Crazy demolition is an extremal racing game. You must destroy your opponent's...

(Played: 786)

Lazerpear Destroyer Of Worlds

A pear with lazer eyes fights oranges to save the rest of the pears.Simple an...

(Played: 566)

Crazy Race Arena 2

Crazy race arena 2 is an extremal racing game. The second part of the great c...

(Played: 747)

Crazy Race Arena

Your goal is to destroy the other car. Destroy the boxes and collect points!

(Played: 614)

Crazy Golf II

A fun seaside golf game of nine holes.

(Played: 682)

The Crazy Stunt

Do bike stunts and win great money!

(Played: 689)

Ocean Catch Match

Help your crazy Uncle Ned match pairs of all the ocean creatures he has found...

(Played: 574)

Crazy Tappy Plane

Crazy Tappy Plane is an funny obstacle game.

(Played: 579)

Crazy Highway Driver 3D

Race as far as you can in this endless racing game.

(Played: 601)

Black White Car

Your crazy car can transform into a worm or jump and hang on to a helicopter ...

(Played: 786)


crazy and addictive action!

(Played: 484)

Orb Escape

A Fun and Addicting avoider game with unlimited possibilities.

(Played: 544)

Cool Crazy Taxi

In this game, you will become the taxi driver to run your car in the city. Yo...

(Played: 628)

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